Great Falls National Park, VA


I normally do not go back and review photos. Once I’ve uploaded them, picked a few good ones to post, I usually leave the rest in the abyss of the memory card or laptop file. But over the weekend I was cleaning off memory cards and found quite a few good photos I had taken but never did anything with them. This is one of them from Great Falls National Park in Virginia. I spent the morning there with my bestest friend. We only get to see each other a few times a year but when we get together it’s like we’ve never been apart. That’s friendship.

Don’t forgot to appreciate those around you. Even though you assume they know how you feel about them, don’t just assume. Show them. A hug, a touch, a wink, a smile in their direction would totally make their day. Not to mention a text message or call just to say hello would also let them know you’re thinking of them.  It may just make all the difference.

~ melissa michelle

Cowboys and bulls

North Washington – Rodeo Capital of the East

Bull riding


A great evening out is the North Washington Rodeo Capital of the East. It’s a fun, family event which I enjoy trying to photograph each year. I’m not very good at fast action shots But here’s a couple I wanted to share.

I think sometimes it’s good to stretch beyond your talents and out of your comfort zone. So I keep trying to photograph this event and maybe I’ll get better at it.

Be sure to stop by my Facebook page for more photos. Have an awesome week and do something you’ve never done before!

~ melissa michelle

Another waterfall . . . .

Small waterfall in Yellowstone


As we were leaving Yellowstone on our trip there last month, I noticed this small waterfall so we pulled over and I quickly captured it. I loved the tiered rocks and slow water trickling down. Waterfalls are fun to photograph.

Even though I was just on that long trip in early July, I’m looking forward to my next adventure and hitting the road again soon. My Mom and I were just talking about that today – us kids got the traveling bug on the open road from my Dad. I’m glad he gave that to me. I feel the urge again to get out there, leave life behind for a few moments and see our great big world.

But for now, I’ll keep processing photos from my recent trips and sharing them here.

~ melissa michelle

Ohiopyle State Park

Waterfall at Ohiopyle

Cucumber Falls


Last week I had a few hours so I drove South to Ohiopyle State Park, PA. These are two of my favorite photos from the shoot. It was so relaxing to see the waterfalls. I used a viable ND filter so I could leave the shutter open longer. The top photo was exposed for 8 seconds to give it that effect.

Please remember to visit my Facebook page (Photo Life Journal). I posted the photos there Sunday but just now posted them here. I’ll try to be a little faster next time!

As a side note, I entered 5 photos in a contest last weekend where 4 of them placed! I actually sold one of them! Anytime you se a photo on here and would like a print, please contact me – leave a reply or send an email to

~ melissa michelle

Roughneck Falls, SD

Roughneck Falls, SD


I’m slowly getting through my photos from vacation. I found this gem and decided to post. It’s from Spearfish, SD, a waterfall called Roughneck Falls. It was late afternoon when I was there so the lighting was totally perfect, plus I used an ND filter.

Enjoy your weekend!

~ melissa michelle

Spearfish Falls, SD

Spearfish Falls, SD

Another view


As you know I love to photography waterfalls and the ones in South Dakota were no exception. The tails allowed us to get close. I love the sound of running water and was so happy to see a great amount falling here.

I’ll post more waterfalls from Yellowstone and South Dakota so stay tuned.

~ melissa michelle

Show your colors!

Show your colors!


When I do a photo shoot on location or in the backyard, I always envision what I want to capture. I have a plan and a vision for what I want to accomplish in the photograph. I knew when I planned to photograph motorcycles that I wanted to capture one in black and white but leave something in color. I wasn’t sure what that would be but it was going to happen.

So I captured my vision in the photo above. I just wish everything worked out like that for me!

~ melissa michelle

Bring in the roar!

Wanna go for a ride?


So this is totally differently than what I have ever photographed. However, I kind of thought it was cool and fun to do! This is my sister’s boyfriend – his hand on the handle of his motorcycle. It’s something I had kind of envisioned and I think it turned out okay.

Roar on the Shore started Thursday in Erie, PA with the bike parade and there are many planned rides throughout the weekend. Watch for bikes.

I’ll get back to the nature and wildlife photos soon.

~ melissa michelle