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Winter festival – Mayville, NY

Winter Festival, Mayville NY


Last night I drove to Mayville NY to enjoy their winter festival. They build an ice castle with flags and set off fireworks behind the castle. It was a very fun, enjoyable evening! My new camera performed very well – the shutter was so fast and the enhanced ISO settings allowed me to take some awesome photos.

For many years I’ve wanted to go but some years it was too warm to build the castle, other years the weather was too awful to travel. Last night was perfect. It was good to get outside after being trapped inside with mounds of snow this winter.

This Spring I have several trips planned to waterfalls all over Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia. Come on Spring, get here soon!

~ melissa michelle

American Bald Eagle


This one was pretty far away but it was still fun to photograph. It was the only one I saw but totally worth it. Although I missed it flying away because I was cleaning raindrops off my lens, I was still out there, engaging, and enjoying nature.

I guess that’s the biggest thing. Even though I missed an incredible shot of the eagle flying away, I did get several others. I got myself outside, moving around, traveling, enjoying my hobby. What gets you motivated? Whatever it is, get out there and enjoy.

~ melissa michelle

Peaceful nature

Leesburg Falls


The only place I feel at peace is out in nature behind the camera with a waterfall in front of me and the sound of water rushing all around. I trekked down the side of the hill, only slipped twice on the ice (don’t tell my beau), to get closer to my peace. Sometimes I need a few minutes to get a away, just a moment to myself to be at peace, relax, and empty my head. I only think of the next photo and how to photograph nature at her best.

Everyone should have a happy place to go, a place of peace, a place to just breathe. Nature is that place for me.

~ melissa michelle

Looking out the window

Frozen droplets


I took several photos of the leaves and frozen water droplets just outside the kitchen door on Sunday morning. I like that this one shows the fence gate and part of the tree limb that protrudes from the trunk.

It’s really just an ordinary scene but for some reason it makes me smile and relaxes me when I look out the window. I think everyone should have a happy place to look out and smile.

~ melissa michelle

Frozen in time

Frozen leaves


While in the kitchen I happen to look out through the window of the door to see these leaves and how the freezing rain droplets hung on them. I just thought it would make a good photo. These leaves were frozen in time it seemed.

I’m still playing with my new camera but this time of the year I don’t very often see things to photograph, well, except snow. I’m already looking forward to Spring!

~ melissa michelle


Gratitude Journal


I have kept a journal most of my life. I always found it easier to write about things than to express them verbally . . . . . . .

I’ve tried to write this piece for the past half hour and keep re-writing and deleting some very personal feelings.

Let’s just say – Gratitude: Express it to others and always be good to yourself! You are better, stronger, and more capable than you think.

~ melissa michelle


Sun touching the trees


I got to see the sun today!!!! This is really significant in that we haven’t had sun since before Christmas. What we’ve had is snow and plenty of it. 121.3″ for the season and 65″ of that the week of Christmas. Ugh! However, on the drive home from work I got to wear my sunglasses and enjoy the sun on my frozen face (-6 wind chill) while walking my dog, who evidently, is loving this snow. By the way, I saw an article that stated 90% of the country was experiencing below freezing temperatures. Snuggle in close to someone to stay warm!

So I choose to be grateful today for the wonderful sunshine and blue skies. I am thankful for a day without snow. What are you thankful for today?

~ melissa michelle

Happy New Year!

Loving the snow


Another year has started whether we’re ready or not. I’m not sure I accomplished everything I was supposed to in 2017. Nonetheless it’s time to move on. A new year, a fresh start, a new outlook, a resolute to go after. I wish all of you the best in your 2018 endeavors.

One of my resolutions is take a photo every day and post it. This isn’t easy when you live in the tundra where in the past week we have received a full winter’s amount of snow! Yikes! But instead of hibernating, which is what I really want to do right now, I’ll get out my new camera and look for the good in all this white, cold, abundant snow!

This is my dog who is now 14 years old loving the snow. Well, at least one of us loves it. He had just finished running in the yard – the paths I made for him – and was waiting for me to take him inside.

So good luck to all of you in this brand new year. I wish only the best for all as we move forward. Whatever happens this year, just keep moving forward.

~ melissa michelle

The beauty of sunrise

North Pier Lighthouse at Presque Isle State Park


I was tired. But instead of rolling over in my bed, I dragged myself out and headed North to Presque Isle. I was hoping the sunrise would be nice. There were clouds but that only enhanced the beauty of the morning.

That’s just like life. Clouds will pass over us and sometimes even dump on us, and keep dumping. But then we come out on the other side of what happens to us and we’re better for it. We learn lessons from the failure and hurts and we’re better individuals. So don’t dread the clouds (unless they’re snow clouds lol) and get through it. Don’t let people get you down. Let your colors shine through. You’ll be a better person for it. And yes, I’m speaking from experience.

~ melissa michelle

Take care of yourself

Alpha Pass


I had a particularly difficult day. My stress level is high and I’m tired. So I went to my photography which relaxes me. As I look through the photos I almost feel like I’m in that place again – the smells, the coolness of the air, the path in front of me, water rushing beside me, the sounds of nature . . . . Are you picturing it too?

In this busy time of year, keep what’s really important close to your heart. Breathe deeply. Take care of yourself.

~ melissa michelle