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Cowboys and bulls

North Washington – Rodeo Capital of the East

Bull riding


A great evening out is the North Washington Rodeo Capital of the East. It’s a fun, family event which I enjoy trying to photograph each year. I’m not very good at fast action shots But here’s a couple I wanted to share.

I think sometimes it’s good to stretch beyond your talents and out of your comfort zone. So I keep trying to photograph this event and maybe I’ll get better at it.

Be sure to stop by my Facebook page for more photos. Have an awesome week and do something you’ve never done before!

~ melissa michelle

Another waterfall

Hells Hollow


It was good to be back in nature today. I’m still healing from my fall on Memorial Day so I took an easy, flat walk to Hells Hollow. I used an ND filter, 2 second exposure, -5 exposure compensation. I snapped this one as soon as the sun was hidden by some clouds which allowed me to leave the shutter open longer!

I’m excited about an upcoming long road trip and can’t wait to share more photos with you! There will be more waterfalls and hopefully some wildlife!

Until then, be careful out there! But be fearless too!

~ melissa michelle

Whale tail!

Whale tail

Close up of humpback whale


I don’t know why but it’s exciting to photograph and see a whale’s tail. It’s fun to see them breach the water and then see their tail completely out of the water. It’s almost like they’re giving you a high five or saying bye.

It’s also cool to see them so close in the ocean. I don’t advocate pulling a boat up next to them; a good lens is what you need here. And I just happen to have one (thank you best boyfriend ever!). I captured the second photo here just as it was coming up out of the water. I’m not sure what all those bumps are but WOW, way cool!

Today my boss asked me if I would go back to Cabo. I thought about it for just a moment and replied “no.” It’s a big world out there with many more places to see! I challenge all of you to plan a trip this year to somewhere you’ve never been before. Whether it’s a place nearby or across the world – plan for it and then go!

~ melissa michelle

Another waterfall

Leesburg Falls 03.05.2017


So if you read yesterday’s post I said I wasn’t able to get outside. Then there was an invite to members of the photo club to meet up at this waterfall. Getting outside with my camera always makes me feel better so I headed out. It was a real treat to be out with another photographer, as I’m usually by myself (unless my beau takes me on a trip).

There is so much going on in this photo – but my favorite is the swirling water in the foreground. How cool is that! I left the shutter open for 3.2 seconds to get that effect.

And for the first time ever, I submitted this photo to the local news station to use on their broadcast. Someone encouraged me to do it and I was flattered they thought the photo was good enough. I don’t know if it will be used but at least I tried. This was a step outside my comfort zone for sure!

Anyway, I just wanted to share that with all of you. I also want to tell you that I just purchased a new lens which I’m seriously excited about and I can’t wait to use it soon! It’s more for landscapes and of course, waterfalls.

Have a great week!

~ melissa michelle

Keep shooting

Bald eagle


Looking majestic as ever, this bald eagle posed for me. I had several attempts at good shots with the eagle in flight but it just wasn’t happening for me today, for whatever reason. I may try again tomorrow but we’ll see.

Life is like that some times. You try hard,, do your best, take the shot but it doesn’t work they way you thought. It’s okay. I’ll keep trying.

~ melissa michelle

Mud on the boots

Muddy boots


Sometimes it’s nice to go off course without a plan. I had no intention of hiking a trail or getting all muddy (you should have seen my jeans!) but it was fun and a great day to be outside in between cold temperatures and a really rough work week.

For about an hour it was nice to leave the problems of life and dealing with unreasonable people behind. It was fun walking this dirt, well mostly mud, road with my camera seeing if I could find anything to photograph. I didn’t and that’s okay too.

So here’s proof I was actually outside walking the trails. Remember, when life gets you down, head outside, take a few deep breaths, and take a walk.

~ melissa michelle


Encased in Ice


So the sun came out today and it made me very happy! However, it disappeared behind some clouds when I got out at lunchtime to take some photos at the dock. But that’s okay. It was still great to see the sun most of the day. Where I work I travel between buildings and even though the wind was cold, I still took a little time to soak it in!

I’m hoping the sun will come back out again tomorrow! It certainly helps to lift my spirit.

If I don’t post again before Christmas, I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas! Enjoy your family and friends and remember, it’s not what’s under the tree but who’s around your tree.

~ melissa michelle

Got an itch?

Scratching an itch

Scratching an itch


So here’s another photo from my visit to Benezette, PA last weekend. I just thought this one was funny. This bull elk is using his antlers to scratch an itch on his back! And of course this photographer had to capture it. I debated on whether or not to share. But hey, it’s my blog! I shared it.

Sometimes nature is beautiful. And sometimes, it’s hilarious. Get out there and enjoy it!

~ melissa michelle

Momma & calf

Calf suckling momma

Calf suckling momma


A rare sight for this photographer – I got to see a calf nursing on momma. My camera was focused on the bull elk grazing nearby. Sometimes I get so focused on one thing that I miss what else is going on. Thankfully my beau drew my attention over to this magnificent scene.

I’ll share more photos throughout the week. I got some excellent fall foliage photos, too.

~ melissa michelle

Look up!

Bee nest

Bee nest


I spotted this nest today way up high on a tree limb while walking my dog. I had not seen it before today, even though we walk that way often. It’s amazing what’s hidden in nature right in front of us! I just loved how the autumn leaves were bright against the grayness of the nest. I’m not sure what kind of nest – some bee, but it sure was a treat to see it.

After our walk, I couldn’t wait to get the camera and head back to the tree. What a fun sighting in nature to photograph! Look up and keep an eye out – this time of year is so beautiful! I hope to post more findings soon. I’m traveling again this weekend . . . . . .

~ melissa michelle