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Another waterfall

Hells Hollow


It was good to be back in nature today. I’m still healing from my fall on Memorial Day so I took an easy, flat walk to Hells Hollow. I used an ND filter, 2 second exposure, -5 exposure compensation. I snapped this one as soon as the sun was hidden by some clouds which allowed me to leave the shutter open longer!

I’m excited about an upcoming long road trip and can’t wait to share more photos with you! There will be more waterfalls and hopefully some wildlife!

Until then, be careful out there! But be fearless too!

~ melissa michelle


Hells Hollow


I had the pleasure of the morning outside in nature enjoying beautiful weather and wonderful scenery. Nature was at her best this morning, showing off her beauty for me to photograph. I took this photo on my way to Hells Hollow at McConnells Mill State Park in Portersville, PA. I love watching the water flow over the rocks, slowing the shutter to capture all of it.

Take a moment this Memorial Day weekend to remember those who sacrificed everything so that we have the freedom to travel this great nation of ours taking photos and posting our opinions freely.

~ melissa michelle

How many do you see?

Great Falls National Park, VA


When I took this photo I knew there were a few great blue herons . . . . But do you see all of them? Let me know how many you see in the comments.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

~ melissa michelle

Great Falls National Park, VA USA

Great Falls, VA


Last weekend I visited Great Falls National Park in Virginia. It was raining on the way there; however, upon arriving the rain stopped and I was able to get the camera out for a little while. It was an awesome shoot with the great blue herons. I almost forgot I was there to photograph the waterfalls!

Here’s one of the photos I took. I hope to get to more later and post them soon. I still haven’t processed all the photos from Cabo yet . . . I’ll get there.

Today I spent time hiking with a friend of mine. But before the hike and the rain, I took some more photos. I make time for what’s important. Do you?

~ melissa michelle

More waterfalls

Frozen waterfall


I went back to Leesburg Falls in Grove City, PA this afternoon. I just had to try out my new lens! It was amazing! I loved the wide angle and clear focus. It was fun playing with it. I hope to get it out a lot over the coming months.

I have an awesome trip coming up – I’m hoping to take photos of sunrises, sunsets, and great landscapes. I’m so excited! Stay tuned!

I’ll share more photos from today’s shoot throughout the week!

Have a great week!

~ melissa michelle

One of those days

Long shutter at McConnells Mill


I took this photo back on December 26, 2014. My beau had given me a new camera for Christmas and so I was out the day after to give it a workout. This is a favorite photo of mine which I took at McConnells Mill.

I didn’t get out this weekend to take photos. For one, it was too cold. Secondly, I just needed to rest this weekend. I’ve been pushing really hard lately and am a little stressed. This photo relaxes me and reminds me of a great day out with my camera.

So yesterday and today it’s all good to just relax and not do too much. I guess a person needs to do that every so often. I feel lazy and like I’m wasting time. But as long as I don’t do it every weekend I think it’s okay.

Take care and relax.

~ melissa michelle

Another waterfall

Leesburg Falls, PA


After a meeting with other photographers today, I was able to go out to this waterfall with another photog. It was fun to see other perspectives of how someone else viewed the falls. She got some good shots too! This is one photo I took – I’m not exactly happy with the results. I didn’t want to be in that spot, meaning the water was too high for me to be closer at ground level. The photo was taken from a rather large rock , which was at the top of the falls looking down. Not a very good perspective but it was the best I could do.

It was just fun to be outside, in the freezing cold, after it was 70 degrees just a day ago! My point is that I was outside in nature, my favorite place to be. Although I cannot wait for the weather to stay warm, it was still good to be out.

So get out there an enjoy nature whatever she may offer.

~ melissa michelle

Special effects by nature

Freedom Falls - spirals

Freedom Falls – spirals


It was a fun morning at Freedom Falls in Rockland PA. I’ve never been to this waterfall before. It was pretty cool . . .  once we traversed the steep decent down a rocky, muddy hill. It wasn’t too bad, just needed to be careful.

I left the shutter opened for 30 seconds in order to catch the swirl of the leaves. This slight motion showed up as a pretty awesome effect. I’ve always wanted to capture swirls in water – it was a bonus the leaves were there to add to the effect.

It was raining upon leaving for this little adventure, ending up on a dirt, muddy road. The heavy cloud cover allowed the longer exposure to enhance the photo.

So I encourage everyone to go some place you’ve never been to before – you never know how it might turn out!

~ melissa michelle


Watkins Glen State Park, NY

Watkins Glen State Park, NY


I’m still going through photos from my vacation. Yes, I took many, many photos! Here’s another one from Watkins Glen State Park in New York.

I remember when I was first starting out in photography, I had not idea how to capture such a photo – using a slower shutter, a tri-pod, white balance, etc. I started reading a lot of articles and writing down suggested settings to capture the shots I wanted. I’ve learned a lot and I keep learning from other photographers to perfect my photos. It’s amazing how passionate I’ve become about photography.

I hope that my readers also have hobbies they are passionate about and take time to develop and pursue them!

~ melissa michelle


Getting photos out there


Lower Falls, Letchworth State Park

Lower Falls, Letchworth State Park



Just a quick note today . . . . Above is a photo of the Lower Falls at Letchworth State Park in NY. I used a zoom lens to get closer to the falls but still keep a lot in the photo.

I’m still going through all my photos from vacation. There are some gems I’ve discovered and will post soon.

I have also opened an account on 500px. This is a website for elite photos, the best of the best. I finally had enough confidence to post some photos there to see if other photographers also think I’m good enough . . . . and they do! I’ve had some really positive feedback there and hope to soon start selling photos there for stock.

I’m also looking into starting an account on Pinterest and Instagram. I’m hoping this will get me more exposure as a photographer.

One other thing I’m kicking around is to sell photo calendars for the public. I haven’t really done this for several years. But I’m thinking it’s a good time to kick these off again. I’ll post more information about this soon.

Make it a good week people! And thanks to all of you who visit my page and accounts online! I sincerely appreciate it and the comments you leave for me.

~ melissa michelle