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Happy Fall, y’all

A glimpse of fall


I cannot believe it’s the end of September. Where has the time gone this year. However, I am looking forward to nature displaying her colors and seeing the animals out and about preparing for, dare I say it, winter.

I snapped this photo while hiking in a state park called Nelson’s Ledges in Ohio. That is a really interesting place and I encourage everyone to visit. It totally beckoned me when I read trail highlights such as Devil’s Ice Box and Fat Man’s Peril! Way funny!

Remember, every so often you just gotta take a deep breath and look around you!

~ melissa michelle

Relaxing in nature

Relaxing at waters edge


I got to explore a state park in Ohio, Nelsons Ledges. It was a fun adventure. I had never visited there before. It was small but fun to walk around. You know it’s a place you must visit when passages there have names like Fat Man’s Peril and Devil’s Ice Box. Too funny!

I was passing over this walking bridge and caught sight of this frog hanging out. He was kind enough to stay while I set up the camera and did a long exposure (about 20 seconds). I love nature and photographing all her beauty.

Have an excellent week! It will be what you make it!

~ melissa michelle

Stress break for your viewing pleasure

Alpha Pass


I was going back through some photos and found this one I took at Alpha Pass in McConnells Mill State Park on April 29. Sometimes when I go back to look through photos I find treasures! This is one, I think. I often struggle with the lighting at this waterfall because at the top it’s usually very bright but darker at the bottom.

I wasn’t able to get out this weekend because on Memorial Day I fell hiking and hurt my hip and tailbone. I took it easy this past week in order to heal quickly (I hope).

Maybe next weekend I’ll get back out there with the camera – I’m missing it! But for now, enjoy the peacefulness of this waterfall.

~ melissa michelle


Take only photos and memories

Lady Slipper – Oil Creek State Park

Last weekend I had the privilege of visiting another state park, Oil Creek State Park in Oil City, PA. On the trail to Pioneer Waterfall we saw this beautiful flower in bloom, Lady Slipper. At first I decided to leave my camera in my backpack rather than stop to drag it out. But others had stopped and a lady there encouraged me to take a moment to photograph it. This was the only photo I got because on the way back we discovered someone had picked the blooms. I was so sad, disappointed, disgusted, irate . . . . you name it! We all were upset.

Please folks, when out in nature, only take away photos and memories. Only leave your footprint.

~ melissa michelle

Great Falls National Park, VA USA

Great Falls, VA


Last weekend I visited Great Falls National Park in Virginia. It was raining on the way there; however, upon arriving the rain stopped and I was able to get the camera out for a little while. It was an awesome shoot with the great blue herons. I almost forgot I was there to photograph the waterfalls!

Here’s one of the photos I took. I hope to get to more later and post them soon. I still haven’t processed all the photos from Cabo yet . . . I’ll get there.

Today I spent time hiking with a friend of mine. But before the hike and the rain, I took some more photos. I make time for what’s important. Do you?

~ melissa michelle

Photo excursion in Cabo San Lucas

Humpback whale


Hello! I’m sorry I’ve been away for a while – I just got back from vacation / photo excursion to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. It was a wonderful trip with my beau! I got to try snorkeling (more on that later), I was up early to photograph the sunrise in the Sea of Cortez, went on a sunset cruise around the famous arches (photos to come), and we saw sea lions and this humpback whale.

I love photographing wildlife and nature. I’m happy outside with my camera. I was so excited with my beau spotted this whale. Soon after the captain also saw it and he got us a little closer. My 400mm lens did the rest of the work. Well, I did some work too – it was very windy and bumpy in the water and that lens weighs about 4.5 pounds so holding myself steady against the rail and photographing this magnificent beast was a challenge. But oh the benefits!

I’ll share more photos and my adventures with you this week. But for now, this will have to do! I’m a busy girl! However, life is so good!

Find something you’re passionate about and go after it!

~ melissa michelle


Enjoying nature’s beauty

Alpha Pass at McConnells Mill


Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day . . . . Love that song and love that today was so nice that I could get outside and enjoy mother nature. She sure was lovely.

I’m pretty proud of this photo – except for cropping the edges, this is how I took the photo. No Photoshop used to correct color or anything. I exposed for about 3 seconds and used a polarizer on the lens.

Nature is beautiful on her own. We don’t need to improve upon it; she puts on a good show. I’m so looking forward to Spring and can’t wait for all her colors to appear again. Get out there and enjoy it!

~ melissa michelle

Autumn Colors

Autumn colors

Autumn colors


Here are some autumn colors to brighten your day. I took these over the weekend in Benezette, PA. The east coast is the best place in the country to live in the fall. It’s so beautiful with vibrant colors.

Try to get out and enjoy nature before it starts to snow!

~ melissa michelle

Wildlife: Elk

Bull Elk & cow on top of hill

Bull Elk & cow on top of hill

Bull Elk in the wild flowers

Bull Elk in the wild flowers

Elk eating dinner

Elk eating dinner


This weekend I was out of town (again) – this time visiting Elk County in Benezette, PA (near St. Marys). It was an awesome time! We got there in time to hike a little bit before dusk and spotted a bull elk with his cows. The first and third photos were taken Saturday evening. It was not really my intention to get a silhouette but it turned out that way. Pretty neat. The middle photo was taken today – a handsome bull elk among the wild flowers.

I very much enjoy taking day / weekend trips to see wildlife and visit other places. We live in a beautiful country, folks. Get out there and enjoy it!

~ melissa michelle

Getting photos out there


Lower Falls, Letchworth State Park

Lower Falls, Letchworth State Park



Just a quick note today . . . . Above is a photo of the Lower Falls at Letchworth State Park in NY. I used a zoom lens to get closer to the falls but still keep a lot in the photo.

I’m still going through all my photos from vacation. There are some gems I’ve discovered and will post soon.

I have also opened an account on 500px. This is a website for elite photos, the best of the best. I finally had enough confidence to post some photos there to see if other photographers also think I’m good enough . . . . and they do! I’ve had some really positive feedback there and hope to soon start selling photos there for stock.

I’m also looking into starting an account on Pinterest and Instagram. I’m hoping this will get me more exposure as a photographer.

One other thing I’m kicking around is to sell photo calendars for the public. I haven’t really done this for several years. But I’m thinking it’s a good time to kick these off again. I’ll post more information about this soon.

Make it a good week people! And thanks to all of you who visit my page and accounts online! I sincerely appreciate it and the comments you leave for me.

~ melissa michelle