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How long to get to heaven?

Waning full moon

Waning full moon


Three years ago tonight as I was getting into my car to say a final goodbye to my step-dad, I looked up at the sky and asked how long does it take to get to heaven? I was wondering if he was already there. The moon looked something like the photo above and the stars were plentiful. So Harry, I know you’re past the moon and stars with my dad and brother and sister. I’ll see all of you again someday.

~ melissa michelle

A dog’s life

Barney & Thelma out for their morning run

Barney & Thelma out for their morning run

Barney's close-up

Barney’s close-up


I walked the dogs around 6am this morning and took the camera with me. Once the dogs got far enough ahead, I got down on a knee and called them back to me. The photo of them running resulted. I added a filter post-processing and think it turned out okay. The other photo of Barney I took last night. I was actually trying to get a closeup of both dogs but this is the one I ended up with since Thelma can’t hold very still for too long.

Dogs teach us to live in the moment. They don’t worry about tomorrow. I need to be more like a dog!

~ melissa michelle

An evening at the rodeo








Last weekend we spent an evening at the rodeo (North Washington)! That was fun night out. The food was delicious and the entertainment was awesome.

I’m still having a little trouble with capturing moving subjects. Plus, the lighting was different than anything I had ever photographed before. I took over 100 photos but only a handful turned out well. I still need to go through the rest of the photos to see if others can be posted. But for now I have these.

I think the main thing is that I’m out there, I’m trying, and making it a challenge. I see what makes a good photo. I just need to get the settings right to make it a great photo! I’m working on it. And, I’m having a lot of fun!

Very soon I hope to hit a few more state parks, perhaps this weekend and next, and then again when the leaves start turning. Autumn is my favorite season to photograph. There are so many colors to capture. So far this year I have visited 8 national and state parks. It’s such a big beautiful world out there – even in your back yard (a state park near you).

~ melissa michelle

Out to the fair

Butler Farm Show

Butler Farm Show


Last weekend I enjoyed the Butler Farm Show in Butler, PA. My beau sets up a booth there every year for his business. I always thought this would make for a great photo so I had my camera on site Saturday night and was able to capture this beautiful scene. I love how the lights from the rides are reflected on the water. My camera was handheld – a difficult feat for night photos. I think it came out okay though.

I hope everyone is enjoying summer as it quickly winds down. It seems as though there is something happening every weekend from now through October! Get out there and enjoy. Take in the sights, go for a walk, eat some ice cream, support local business owners, and be in nature!

~ melissa michelle

Sunrise & sunset

Sunrise at the farm

Sunrise at the farm

Another view of the sunrise

Another view of the sunrise

Sunrise - horse's barn

Sunrise – horse’s barn

Golden hour

Golden hour

Sunset - hay barn

Sunset – hay barn


I hope everyone enjoyed a great weekend. I sure had a nice time at the farm. Often times upon awaking in the morning I take the dogs for their morning walk and take my camera along. I was not disappointed Sunday morning as I was greeted with the dew burning off into the sunrise. Simply beautiful. The lighting was perfect – all natural.

I also captured the sunset Saturday evening. If you look closely at the window on the side of the hay barn, you can see a reflection of the sunset. I thought that was pretty cool.

Even though the farm is only an hour away from home and just 2 miles from the Outlets, I feel a world away there. It’s so peaceful and beautiful. I love stepping out of the city into this world. I encourage everyone to find such a place to escape to, if only for a day, or an hour. Nature is an excellent place to be.

~ melissa michelle

I choose to be happy!

Meteor shower?

Meteor shower?


I set my alarm for 2am this morning so I could go out and photograph the Persied meteor shower. The camera was all set up to go, I just had to get out of my nice comfy bed, head out with the equipment and press the remote, which I did. However, the meteors did not comply with my schedule. I was out there until almost 3:30am and I saw maybe a dozen meteors. At one point the shutter was open and I saw this spectacular meteor blazing through the atmosphere . . . . Out of the camera frame. Ugh, face-palm. Back to bed I went. Plus, the dew had rolled in and covered the camera lens.

While I could be really disappointed that I didn’t get the “stellar” shot (pun intended), I am proud of myself for trying, for getting out there, the dedication, and being in the moment. That’s what this is all about – living in the moment, doing the best I can. And, I’m learning. I pulled two reference books and texted my niece to make sure I had the right settings for the shoot! Me and the camera did our jobs.

The past few weeks have been rather difficult. As my friends will attest to, I think too much – I overthink things. I just wasn’t sure about some things in life. And these are things out of my control. Duh.  Yeah, I know. I wised up. I chose to ignore this issue because there is nothing I can to anyway.

Instead, I choose to be happy.

~ melissa michelle

Sticking to it – I’m still here!

Sticking to it

Sticking to it.


Sometimes it’s difficult to stick to a good habit. I don’t know why that is, but it is. And I’m not going to beat myself up over it. I have been taking photos often and regularly; I just haven’t been posting every day. I don’t have any excuses, and really, that’s all it would be, an excuse.

I have met a lot of other goals this year, and on track with a few others. But I do want to see this one through. I’ve learned a lot about myself lately. One thing I choose not to do is have regrets or beat myself up. Other people can do that. I look and learn and move on.

This creature was sticking to the house window for whatever reason. I thought to myself that I wished I had its fortitude. I will try to do better and post more often.

Thanks for hanging in there with me.

~ melissa michelle