Monthly Archives: February 2017

Another waterfall

Leesburg Falls, PA


After a meeting with other photographers today, I was able to go out to this waterfall with another photog. It was fun to see other perspectives of how someone else viewed the falls. She got some good shots too! This is one photo I took – I’m not exactly happy with the results. I didn’t want to be in that spot, meaning the water was too high for me to be closer at ground level. The photo was taken from a rather large rock , which was at the top of the falls looking down. Not a very good perspective but it was the best I could do.

It was just fun to be outside, in the freezing cold, after it was 70 degrees just a day ago! My point is that I was outside in nature, my favorite place to be. Although I cannot wait for the weather to stay warm, it was still good to be out.

So get out there an enjoy nature whatever she may offer.

~ melissa michelle

Enjoying nature’s beauty

Alpha Pass at McConnells Mill


Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day . . . . Love that song and love that today was so nice that I could get outside and enjoy mother nature. She sure was lovely.

I’m pretty proud of this photo – except for cropping the edges, this is how I took the photo. No Photoshop used to correct color or anything. I exposed for about 3 seconds and used a polarizer on the lens.

Nature is beautiful on her own. We don’t need to improve upon it; she puts on a good show. I’m so looking forward to Spring and can’t wait for all her colors to appear again. Get out there and enjoy it!

~ melissa michelle

Keep shooting

Bald eagle


Looking majestic as ever, this bald eagle posed for me. I had several attempts at good shots with the eagle in flight but it just wasn’t happening for me today, for whatever reason. I may try again tomorrow but we’ll see.

Life is like that some times. You try hard,, do your best, take the shot but it doesn’t work they way you thought. It’s okay. I’ll keep trying.

~ melissa michelle

Mud on the boots

Muddy boots


Sometimes it’s nice to go off course without a plan. I had no intention of hiking a trail or getting all muddy (you should have seen my jeans!) but it was fun and a great day to be outside in between cold temperatures and a really rough work week.

For about an hour it was nice to leave the problems of life and dealing with unreasonable people behind. It was fun walking this dirt, well mostly mud, road with my camera seeing if I could find anything to photograph. I didn’t and that’s okay too.

So here’s proof I was actually outside walking the trails. Remember, when life gets you down, head outside, take a few deep breaths, and take a walk.

~ melissa michelle

After the snow

After the snow


So it has been snowing here for days and days. I’ve missed the sun so much! Finally around 10:30am today I noticed the snow had finally stopped and the sun was making an appearance! I was so happy. My destination for lunch was Frontier Park and this is one of the photos I captured. The sun was bright and I enjoyed the short walk down the hill to photograph the water and walking bridge. Ah, so nice to breath fresh air and feel the sun on my face!

I was hoping the sun would stick around for a few days, but alas, snow has been forecasted to return tonight into tomorrow. Deep sigh. That’s why I had to take advantage of the sun while it was here.

Just remember that in your life. You have to really enjoy the good times, the bright times while they are here. Live in this moment!

~ melissa michelle