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Living Life Through Photography

This is my 365 photo project which officially began 5-January-2015. In 2014 I found myself to be simply existing and not taking advantage of every single day I’ve been given. A lot of people don’t get to live past 43 years old, like my oldest brother. But he lived more in his 43 years than most people do in a lifetime. Everyone dies but not everyone truly lives.

One of my brother’s passions was photography. I share that passion and wish to improve to become a great photographer. I want to experiment with different techniques, places, and themes.

I truly feel alive when out in nature and most of my photos will be there. Please follow along with me on this journey. I appreciate comments and critiques, and will respond back. You may comment here or leave me an email at

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~ melissa michelle

5 thoughts on “Dedication Page

  1. Terry Smathers

    Looking forward to following your blog. I remember when I was 43 and having some thoughts about what I had accomplished and what was still ahead. He that went before set the bar high in some ways:-)…

  2. paul

    Hi Melissa, podson9 here (aka paul hodson) was going to reply to you on viewbug but then started reading this and, well, was touched by it. keep up this blog!

  3. TC Conner

    Hey Ms. Melissa. I saw Mark’s post on FB that linked here and I stopped in for a look-see! Lovely, LOVELY photos! I’ll try to check back often. I’ve thought of doing something similar with my photos but life (i.e., guitar, band, home remodelling, etc.) gets in the way.


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