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Stress break for your viewing pleasure

Alpha Pass


I was going back through some photos and found this one I took at Alpha Pass in McConnells Mill State Park on April 29. Sometimes when I go back to look through photos I find treasures! This is one, I think. I often struggle with the lighting at this waterfall because at the top it’s usually very bright but darker at the bottom.

I wasn’t able to get out this weekend because on Memorial Day I fell hiking and hurt my hip and tailbone. I took it easy this past week in order to heal quickly (I hope).

Maybe next weekend I’ll get back out there with the camera – I’m missing it! But for now, enjoy the peacefulness of this waterfall.

~ melissa michelle


February, already?!

Alpha Falls - McConnells Mill State Park

Alpha Falls – McConnells Mill State Park


January went by really fast! It’s 1Feb today and I’m left wondering what happened to January! I didn’t get as much done as I wanted to last month so it’s a good thing we get an extra day this month! Yes, leap year.

It made me sad when my employees were saying they hated we were getting an extra day in February because this meant one more day of getting through winter. I guess I wasn’t looking at it that way at all. I was just excited we get an extra day to live, make a positive impact, and to accomplish more.

I absolutely loved yesterday – it was over 60 degrees for the last day of January! I made sure I got outside to take photos. The one above is from Alpha Pass, a small waterfall (mostly frozen right now) in McConnells Mill State Park. The photo below is the water the runs into Hells Hollow (also part of the park).



I love the reflections on the water in this photo. As I was walking along the pathway I was thinking about it being the last day of January and that I am behind on getting things done. But I tend to live my life with no regrets . . . . so I quickly changed my thoughts to this moment in time and how good my life really is. And, I have an extra day this month to enjoy it!

~ melissa michelle