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Take only photos and memories

Lady Slipper – Oil Creek State Park

Last weekend I had the privilege of visiting another state park, Oil Creek State Park in Oil City, PA. On the trail to Pioneer Waterfall we saw this beautiful flower in bloom, Lady Slipper. At first I decided to leave my camera in my backpack rather than stop to drag it out. But others had stopped and a lady there encouraged me to take a moment to photograph it. This was the only photo I got because on the way back we discovered someone had picked the blooms. I was so sad, disappointed, disgusted, irate . . . . you name it! We all were upset.

Please folks, when out in nature, only take away photos and memories. Only leave your footprint.

~ melissa michelle


Spring day

Spring day


Just a quick post tonight. It was a beautiful spring day today. I escaped work during lunch and was able to capture this lovely photo of spring colors. You’ve got white, pink, yellow, and of course, green and blue!

The original photo I had planned didn’t exactly turn out the way I wanted it to soooo, I got this one instead. Sometimes it’s oaky that things don’t go as planned. But, I have to admit, I hope to try my original planned shot again tomorrow. And yes, it involves water!

We’re getting closer to the weekend! I’m excited to see my college girlfriends this weekend. They are the best friends ever!

~ melissa michelle