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The beauty of sunrise

North Pier Lighthouse at Presque Isle State Park


I was tired. But instead of rolling over in my bed, I dragged myself out and headed North to Presque Isle. I was hoping the sunrise would be nice. There were clouds but that only enhanced the beauty of the morning.

That’s just like life. Clouds will pass over us and sometimes even dump on us, and keep dumping. But then we come out on the other side of what happens to us and we’re better for it. We learn lessons from the failure and hurts and we’re better individuals. So don’t dread the clouds (unless they’re snow clouds lol) and get through it. Don’t let people get you down. Let your colors shine through. You’ll be a better person for it. And yes, I’m speaking from experience.

~ melissa michelle

No excuses

Can we talk?


I hope everyone enjoyed a great weekend – I sure did. I found myself at the Erie Zoo and had an excellent time visiting with the animals. Sometimes I think they believe we’re the animals and they are the sane ones . . . but that’s a discussion for another time.

So new month. New week. No more excuses. Rise above your issues. If you cannot see a way, make a way. Stop talking about doing something. Just do it. Don’t let whatever the issue is stop you from being the person you were meant to be. Don’t wait for someone else. It’s up to you. I know it sounds corny but, like this giraffe, rise above it. Talk positive to yourself. Be nice to yourself. Go after what you want. Step on toes if you have to but just do it!

Stop with the excuses. Hold your head up and get it done.

~ melissa michelle

Happy Fall, y’all

A glimpse of fall


I cannot believe it’s the end of September. Where has the time gone this year. However, I am looking forward to nature displaying her colors and seeing the animals out and about preparing for, dare I say it, winter.

I snapped this photo while hiking in a state park called Nelson’s Ledges in Ohio. That is a really interesting place and I encourage everyone to visit. It totally beckoned me when I read trail highlights such as Devil’s Ice Box and Fat Man’s Peril! Way funny!

Remember, every so often you just gotta take a deep breath and look around you!

~ melissa michelle

Show your colors!

Show your colors!


When I do a photo shoot on location or in the backyard, I always envision what I want to capture. I have a plan and a vision for what I want to accomplish in the photograph. I knew when I planned to photograph motorcycles that I wanted to capture one in black and white but leave something in color. I wasn’t sure what that would be but it was going to happen.

So I captured my vision in the photo above. I just wish everything worked out like that for me!

~ melissa michelle

Autumn Delight

Presque Isle State Park

Presque Isle State Park


Here’s another fall photo – colors reflecting on the pond. I love this time of year when nature shows off!

I hope to start soon on designing the 2017 calendars. Please comment here if you are interested. Thank you!

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Make it a great week!

~ melissa michelle


Spring day

Spring day


Just a quick post tonight. It was a beautiful spring day today. I escaped work during lunch and was able to capture this lovely photo of spring colors. You’ve got white, pink, yellow, and of course, green and blue!

The original photo I had planned didn’t exactly turn out the way I wanted it to soooo, I got this one instead. Sometimes it’s oaky that things don’t go as planned. But, I have to admit, I hope to try my original planned shot again tomorrow. And yes, it involves water!

We’re getting closer to the weekend! I’m excited to see my college girlfriends this weekend. They are the best friends ever!

~ melissa michelle

Missing someone

Winter sunset

Winter sunset


It was  beautiful day here – warm temperature and clear skies. I got out this evening to photograph the sunset at Presque Isle State Park. I just had a feeling it would be a nice one.

Deserted beach at sunset

Deserted beach at sunset

Yesterday was Groundhog Day and Harry’s birthday. Harry was my step-dad and a wonderful husband to my Mom. He passed away about four years ago and for some reason we were all missing him yesterday. My Mom cried a lot and it was hard to know she was in so much pain feeling the loss all over again.

Sometimes I just look up to the skies and wonder if he’s looking down at us. I’m sure he misses us too and wishes we could all be together.

Part of loving someone is the risk of pain. The more you love, the more it hurts. Some say why bother . . . . . actually I asked my mother that just before she married Harry. I was worried because he was much older than she was. But Mom said if we can make each other happy if only for a short time, it will be worth it. They were together for 12 years and then Harry got cancer at age 89.

I’m glad he was in our lives. Harry was an amazing man – full of love, humor, and wisdom. He was also a WWII Veteran and had a heart bigger than any man I have ever known.

So, don’t be afraid to love someone. It may hurt when things don’t work out or they leave before you’re ready for them to go. But, living in the moment with that person is such an amazing experience. Live it up!

~ melissa michelle