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Ready to eat


I took this photo a while ago but lately I’ve been going through some of my memory cards and cleaning things up a bit. I found this gem, added my new logo (do you like it?), cropped the edges, and there we have it! I’m usually not good with a fast shutter. I try hard with wildlife but most of the time I end up missing the shot or it’s blurry or whatever. This one worked! Of course I had a good model.

I love how excited he is to eat his treat. He always plays with his food and makes it seem as though it’s the first time he’s tried it. He’s also always excited to see me – when I get home from work, when I pick him up from a weekend away, when I get back from a run (he’s too old to run with me anymore). That’s how we should greet all loved ones – be excited to se them.

Thanks for your input on the blue herons – yep, there are 5. That was fun and I enjoyed that photo shoot. I have another shoot this weekend of a waterfall I’ve never photographed before so stay tuned!

~ melissa michelle

The nose knows

The nose knows


Every day when I get home from work, my dog sniffs my clothes. It’s almost like he needs to know where I’ve been and how my day went. He sniffs all over while I attached his collar and leash for his walk. Then he looks up like he understands that I was at work and came back home to him. His nose knows!

When your loved ones come home from being away for a few minutes or hours, go to them and ask how was their day. A hug is always good too. Just saying.

~ melissa michelle

Stop barking


After a long day at work, I find myself sitting here in the quiet. The only noise is the furnace running as the temperature drops outside. Without going into detail, let’s just say it was a difficult day at work. People were “barking” given a current situation. By the end, my stomach hurt from the stress and a headache ensued. Getting back to my quiet home helped to calm my restless spirit. When this happens life feels fractured as people are barking at you.

So this photo of my dog’s mouth wide open and adding the fractured frame effect depicts my day. But I must say, I feel better having photography and editing as my therapy! Everyone needs an outlet, a positive way to express what’s going on in your life. This is mine. What’s yours?

~ melissa michelle

Being lazy

Let sleeping dogs lie


Sometimes you just need a day to be lazy. It’s okay. Don’t beat yourself up. Just enjoy and do what you want to. That’s what my dog does. He plays when he wants to. Sleeps when he wants to. And, eats when he wants to. I want to be more like my dog.

I spent a rare weekend at home – I mean seriously, my truck has not moved since dinner with my Mom Friday night! Originally there were two events on my schedule, but alas, the weather had other plans for me. So I cleaned up the drive and walkway more times than I can count, read a book, and took a couple naps. It was a delightful weekend! However, I would be remiss if I didn’t say that I missed getting out of Erie to my boyfriend’s farm, my retreat.

I promised myself that tomorrow I’ll be back in the groove – work, studying, photography essays (more on that later!), and hopefully getting into the Christmas spirit. The weather has me very depressed – I need to see sun, not snow, every day.

Have a good week folks!

~ melissa michelle

Chilling out




Chase and I enjoyed a day of being lazy. I did manage to get most of the laundry done but that was about it. I took two naps during the day and read when not sleeping. I needed down time and I certainly got it.

I noticed while walking my dog both this morning and evening a wonderful, melodic sound wafting to my ears . . . . birds, many of them, chirping away. That made me smile greatly!

I missed a lot of work last week so I will be catching up this week along with working ahead on a couple of projects.

So today was about me and sometimes you just need that.

~ melissa michelle

Taking a rest

Taking a rest

Taking a rest


Yesterday was a traumatic day for my dog Chase. He is normally very happy and healthy but he needed to visit the vet for a treatment so he can get healthy again. I think the medicine is making him lethargic. He’s been getting some extra attention, staying with my Mom while I’m at work. He has a follow up with the vet in about a week and should be just fine.

But in the meantime it’s difficult to see him not feeling well. I wish we could explain what’s going on to them to make it easier. Our pets are family. Dogs love unconditionally, they are always excited to see us, and they are great companions.

We should be more like dogs: love people we care about without conditions, be excited to see loved ones, and be a good friend to others. Oh, and one more thing, take naps when possible!  🙂

~ melissa michelle

A good day to sleep

Sleeping in

Sleeping in


I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend, indoors. This weather is just awful. I got about 10″ of snow which drifted over the porch making it difficult to open the outer door. I finally got it pushed open so Chase could go outside. I went out with him to make paths in the yard for him.

Today was a good day to stay inside and curl up with a book or watch movies. I did both. I couldn’t drive down to my beau’s but we did spend two hours on the phone this evening, hence why this post is to late. I almost forgot to post today, even though I took this photo early in the day.

I took the above photo in monochrome. I used to say that I never took B&W given that I didn’t know how to work with the light and dark throughout the photo. But I think I’m learning. What do you think? I used shutter priority mode, hand-held, and played with the shutter opening until I had the lighting right.

Stay safe and warm this weekend, folks.

~ melissa michelle

What I’ve learned so far




It’s day 30 for my blog. How’s it going? Today features my dog again. We were outside playing in the snow and the natural lighting was perfect for some up close and personal shots. I’m learning more about sharpness, better focus, and getting in close to my subject. My forte is landscapes so taking photos like this of my dog has been a learning experience.

I am learning more about my new camera, about what makes a good photo (hopefully), and learning about myself in this process. Back in high school I was very artist drawing freehand. I think that taught me what makes a good photo. I have just exchanged the pencil for a camera.

I’ve been reflective today, going over my goals for this blog (and myself personally). Much to my dismay I have only visited two state parks – I was hoping for more but the weather has not cooperated. However, I have tried different photos this past month, stretching my comfort zone in the genre of photos I’ve taken.

I wonder if my brother had lived what kind of photos he would take during this bleak winter. He used a film camera way back then. I’m glad I can see my photos right after I take them. I know he would be amazed at what cameras can do now.

Thanks for following along on this journey with me. I am looking forward to February and hopefully going further than my backyard in the coming weeks.

~ melissa michelle

Black & white photo

Black & white

Black & white of Chase


I hope everyone enjoyed a fantastic weekend! I know I sure needed a few days away. It’s amazing how driving an hour South to my beau’s place can be such an escape for me. His name is Joe and he has some property for the dogs and us to roam. He calls it Joe’s Spa and Resort. Joe spoils me cooking breakfast and dinner (we rarely have time for lunch). I love riding around in the truck with him on the back roads exploring. And then in the evenings curling up with a book while he watches television. We are comfortable talking or not talking. It’s easy and he takes very good care of me.

I just wanted all of you to know I was doing okay after a rough couple of days at work end of last week.

So my one niece who is a great photographer of people has been doing a 365 project and many of her photos have been in black and white. I love her command of this technique. I decided to do this today with Chase and I think it turned out okay! Let me know what you think.

Try to make it a great week folks. This weather has got to break . . . . eventually!

~ melissa michelle