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Show your colors!

Show your colors!


When I do a photo shoot on location or in the backyard, I always envision what I want to capture. I have a plan and a vision for what I want to accomplish in the photograph. I knew when I planned to photograph motorcycles that I wanted to capture one in black and white but leave something in color. I wasn’t sure what that would be but it was going to happen.

So I captured my vision in the photo above. I just wish everything worked out like that for me!

~ melissa michelle

After the snow

After the snow


So it has been snowing here for days and days. I’ve missed the sun so much! Finally around 10:30am today I noticed the snow had finally stopped and the sun was making an appearance! I was so happy. My destination for lunch was Frontier Park and this is one of the photos I captured. The sun was bright and I enjoyed the short walk down the hill to photograph the water and walking bridge. Ah, so nice to breath fresh air and feel the sun on my face!

I was hoping the sun would stick around for a few days, but alas, snow has been forecasted to return tonight into tomorrow. Deep sigh. That’s why I had to take advantage of the sun while it was here.

Just remember that in your life. You have to really enjoy the good times, the bright times while they are here. Live in this moment!

~ melissa michelle

Winter blast

Winter in Erie, PA USA


Usually I spend my weekends exploring parks or hiking or just out walking with the dogs. I love being outside with my camera, it’s that simple. Life is good when I’m enjoying nature. However, today, a Saturday, I am stuck inside watching it snow, and snow, and snow some more. No fun. I can’t go anywhere. I can’t do anything. It’s rather depressing.

However, I did open the back door and snap this photo. It’s simple, minimal, and shows what’s left of a flower bed I put in this past spring. I have spent the morning and early afternoon cleaning and putting things away. I have a donation pile to drop off . . . when I can get outside again. As I get older I’m becoming more of a minimalist. I’d rather spend money on experiences than things (with one exception, I do want more camera gear!). So when I looked outside for the millionth time I saw the “beauty” in the minimal plants holding firm in the snow piling up around them.

So, while this photo is simplistic it shows a lot. Be safe out there.

~ melissa michelle

Happy New Year!

Tower at foot of State Street, Erie, PA

Tower at foot of State Street, Erie, PA


Just a quick note to wish all of you a very Happy New Year for 2016! Did you have a good 2015? If not, what are you going to change to make 2016 better? Whatever you are facing for the new year, keep a good attitude and go after what you want.

2015 was an incredible year for me. I had tons of fun, learned a lot about photography and about myself. I totally love life and appreciate each day. I surround myself with good, positive people. I keep my goals in front of me.

I’m looking forward to what 2016 will bring. My birthday is coming up fast. I’ll write more about what this year has meant to me, my 43rd year of life. I still miss my brother and have though of him just about every single day this year. I hope I did him proud.

Make it a good day!

~melissa michelle