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Stress break for your viewing pleasure

Alpha Pass


I was going back through some photos and found this one I took at Alpha Pass in McConnells Mill State Park on April 29. Sometimes when I go back to look through photos I find treasures! This is one, I think. I often struggle with the lighting at this waterfall because at the top it’s usually very bright but darker at the bottom.

I wasn’t able to get out this weekend because on Memorial Day I fell hiking and hurt my hip and tailbone. I took it easy this past week in order to heal quickly (I hope).

Maybe next weekend I’ll get back out there with the camera – I’m missing it! But for now, enjoy the peacefulness of this waterfall.

~ melissa michelle


One of those days

Long shutter at McConnells Mill


I took this photo back on December 26, 2014. My beau had given me a new camera for Christmas and so I was out the day after to give it a workout. This is a favorite photo of mine which I took at McConnells Mill.

I didn’t get out this weekend to take photos. For one, it was too cold. Secondly, I just needed to rest this weekend. I’ve been pushing really hard lately and am a little stressed. This photo relaxes me and reminds me of a great day out with my camera.

So yesterday and today it’s all good to just relax and not do too much. I guess a person needs to do that every so often. I feel lazy and like I’m wasting time. But as long as I don’t do it every weekend I think it’s okay.

Take care and relax.

~ melissa michelle

Getting photos out there


Lower Falls, Letchworth State Park

Lower Falls, Letchworth State Park



Just a quick note today . . . . Above is a photo of the Lower Falls at Letchworth State Park in NY. I used a zoom lens to get closer to the falls but still keep a lot in the photo.

I’m still going through all my photos from vacation. There are some gems I’ve discovered and will post soon.

I have also opened an account on 500px. This is a website for elite photos, the best of the best. I finally had enough confidence to post some photos there to see if other photographers also think I’m good enough . . . . and they do! I’ve had some really positive feedback there and hope to soon start selling photos there for stock.

I’m also looking into starting an account on Pinterest and Instagram. I’m hoping this will get me more exposure as a photographer.

One other thing I’m kicking around is to sell photo calendars for the public. I haven’t really done this for several years. But I’m thinking it’s a good time to kick these off again. I’ll post more information about this soon.

Make it a good week people! And thanks to all of you who visit my page and accounts online! I sincerely appreciate it and the comments you leave for me.

~ melissa michelle

Clouds will come, but then they leave

Overcast skies

Overcast skies


I captured this shot yesterday just after photographing the eagles. The skies turned so dramatic I had to capture this one. Luckily I made it back to the truck before it started to rain.

I’ve noticed that sometimes clouds help to make a photo – this would have not turned out so well if the sky was clear.

I think that’s the way of life too. A few clouds or bad things happen into our life and we think things are ruined or that life won’t be the same. But what we don’t notice is that those clouds may enhance our life and eventually make it better. We’ll suffer and cry and be mad but we’ll come out better for it. I strongly believe that. If I didn’t, well, I wouldn’t have made it through to where I am now.

So even though clouds come into our life it’s not always a bad thing. I bet if I went back there today, the area would be beautiful and the sun shining. Into each life a little rain must fall. But sometimes the rain is needed, the clouds to shade us from a harsh sun, and rain to cleanse our souls. Try not to curse it, although sometimes cursing is a good release, and I’m not telling you to embrace it. But I guess I am saying you will get through it. I guess I’m telling myself that too. Life is tough. I’m tougher.

~ melissa michelle


Happy place

McConnells Mill State Park, PA

McConnells Mill State Park, PA


I was taking a second look today at the photos I took yesterday and came across this one. I really liked the flora included with the water and rocks. This is just a small waterfall coming down the side of a huge hill. I’m standing on a walking bridge and behind me is Slippery Rock Creek where this water will drain into.

The flow of the water relaxes me, watching or looking at photos always gives me a sense of peace and calm. I love playing with shutter speed to blur the motion of the water. I also changed the ISO setting to give me a little different light on the water.

Photography is a great hobby and I really enjoy doing it. Everyone needs their hobby to escape to that gives them a sense of accomplishment or happiness. The big thing now is “mindfulness” or some call it a form of meditation. I call it being in the moment, this moment in time and being there. When I’m out with my camera, all I think about is the photo, setting up the shot, and looking at the beauty of nature all around me. Those are my happy times, my happy places. May you find your happy place and live in the moment, if only for just a moment.

~ melissa michelle