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Pelican big mouth

Pelican scratching an itch

Pelican – big yawn


These were taken in Cabo at a marina we visited for the shopping mall nearby. It was fun to capture this pelican putting on a little show for me and the camera. Of course even though we went there to shop I still took my camera.

People say I’m a good photographer and while there is some skill involved, you also have to take your camera with you. Being at the right place, at the right time, but also being prepared makes for great photo opportunities.

So whatever your hobby, be prepared, have your gear with you all the time, and practice!

~ melissa michelle

Stop barking


After a long day at work, I find myself sitting here in the quiet. The only noise is the furnace running as the temperature drops outside. Without going into detail, let’s just say it was a difficult day at work. People were “barking” given a current situation. By the end, my stomach hurt from the stress and a headache ensued. Getting back to my quiet home helped to calm my restless spirit. When this happens life feels fractured as people are barking at you.

So this photo of my dog’s mouth wide open and adding the fractured frame effect depicts my day. But I must say, I feel better having photography and editing as my therapy! Everyone needs an outlet, a positive way to express what’s going on in your life. This is mine. What’s yours?

~ melissa michelle