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Pelican big mouth

Pelican scratching an itch

Pelican – big yawn


These were taken in Cabo at a marina we visited for the shopping mall nearby. It was fun to capture this pelican putting on a little show for me and the camera. Of course even though we went there to shop I still took my camera.

People say I’m a good photographer and while there is some skill involved, you also have to take your camera with you. Being at the right place, at the right time, but also being prepared makes for great photo opportunities.

So whatever your hobby, be prepared, have your gear with you all the time, and practice!

~ melissa michelle

Photographing nature

Pelican landing

Pelican landing


I started reviewing the photos I took while in Costa Rica. I sure had fun photographing the wildlife there, especially the birds. Mostly I captured photos of the pelicans on the shore very close to our resort.

This photo is of a pelican just before he lands. You can see two splashes in the water, the first one smaller, then a larger splash, and the photo after this one shows it splashing down.

There are many more to show you but it takes time to go through them. I took almost 1,000 photos over the 5 days in Costa Rica. I’m currently down to about 400 that are “passable” and this was one of them. I’ll share more soon.

The photo of the moon below is the one I took this evening. It’s almost a full moon and I had a clear capture of it.



I’m saving up money to get a 600mm lens. Right now my largest is a 300mm. I hope to have it this fall. I love the close ups of the birds and other things. It’s funny how when I first started getting photography, I was mostly into macro images – flowers, butterflies, insects, etc. Now I’m looking at things further away and in motion. I am for sure a wildlife / nature photographer rather than photographing people.

Whatever I photograph, I have fun doing it. And isn’t that what it’s all about!

~ melissa michelle