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Show your colors!

Show your colors!


When I do a photo shoot on location or in the backyard, I always envision what I want to capture. I have a plan and a vision for what I want to accomplish in the photograph. I knew when I planned to photograph motorcycles that I wanted to capture one in black and white but leave something in color. I wasn’t sure what that would be but it was going to happen.

So I captured my vision in the photo above. I just wish everything worked out like that for me!

~ melissa michelle

Bring in the roar!

Wanna go for a ride?


So this is totally differently than what I have ever photographed. However, I kind of thought it was cool and fun to do! This is my sister’s boyfriend – his hand on the handle of his motorcycle. It’s something I had kind of envisioned and I think it turned out okay.

Roar on the Shore started Thursday in Erie, PA with the bike parade and there are many planned rides throughout the weekend. Watch for bikes.

I’ll get back to the nature¬†and wildlife photos soon.

~ melissa michelle