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Ready to eat


I took this photo a while ago but lately I’ve been going through some of my memory cards and cleaning things up a bit. I found this gem, added my new logo (do you like it?), cropped the edges, and there we have it! I’m usually not good with a fast shutter. I try hard with wildlife but most of the time I end up missing the shot or it’s blurry or whatever. This one worked! Of course I had a good model.

I love how excited he is to eat his treat. He always plays with his food and makes it seem as though it’s the first time he’s tried it. He’s also always excited to see me – when I get home from work, when I pick him up from a weekend away, when I get back from a run (he’s too old to run with me anymore). That’s how we should greet all loved ones – be excited to se them.

Thanks for your input on the blue herons – yep, there are 5. That was fun and I enjoyed that photo shoot. I have another shoot this weekend of a waterfall I’ve never photographed before so stay tuned!

~ melissa michelle

Stop barking


After a long day at work, I find myself sitting here in the quiet. The only noise is the furnace running as the temperature drops outside. Without going into detail, let’s just say it was a difficult day at work. People were “barking” given a current situation. By the end, my stomach hurt from the stress and a headache ensued. Getting back to my quiet home helped to calm my restless spirit. When this happens life feels fractured as people are barking at you.

So this photo of my dog’s mouth wide open and adding the fractured frame effect depicts my day. But I must say, I feel better having photography and editing as my therapy! Everyone needs an outlet, a positive way to express what’s going on in your life. This is mine. What’s yours?

~ melissa michelle