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Take only photos and memories

Lady Slipper – Oil Creek State Park

Last weekend I had the privilege of visiting another state park, Oil Creek State Park in Oil City, PA. On the trail to Pioneer Waterfall we saw this beautiful flower in bloom, Lady Slipper. At first I decided to leave my camera in my backpack rather than stop to drag it out. But others had stopped and a lady there encouraged me to take a moment to photograph it. This was the only photo I got because on the way back we discovered someone had picked the blooms. I was so sad, disappointed, disgusted, irate . . . . you name it! We all were upset.

Please folks, when out in nature, only take away photos and memories. Only leave your footprint.

~ melissa michelle

May all your weeds be wild flowers

Middle Falls at Letchworth State Park, NY

Middle Falls at Letchworth State Park, NY


It’s already August. This year has gone by fast for me. Of course it seems like forever since I got back from vacation but it was just last week 🙂

On my way home from New Hampshire, I stopped at Letchworth State Park in New York (one of two in NY I photographed). I took this photo specifically for my friend Laura. She’s a naturalist and loves spending time in nature as much or more than I do but she has been laid up for a couple months. So she went along with me on vacation (vicariously) and enjoyed it through my photos. I loved how the weeds / wild flowers outlined the middle falls at this viewpoint. It made me think of Laura.

So looking at things is a matter of perspective. One could look at those flowers and call them weeds and want them to be trimmed so they don’t obscure the view of the falls. Others would say the weeds are wild flowers and add to the view. I choose to see flowers. What do you see?

~ melissa michelle

P.S. I’ll post more photos of lighthouses and waterfalls soon