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You can do it!

Sea lion attempting jump


While in Cabo we took an excursion out to the arches. On the way there we passed this huge rock totally covered with sea lions! This one was fighting the waves, attempting to jump onto the rock. To me it looked as if the sea lion above is saying, “Come on, you can do it.” I didn’t get to see if it made it up on the rock since out boat continued further into the Pacific. But I like to think it did.

Sometimes we need to encourage our friends more often to help them get through whatever it is they are struggling with in their life. A couple of my friends are hurting and there’s nothing I can do to fix it. However, I can be there for them, I can encourage, I can listen, I can check in on them just to say hello, and let them know I’m thinking of them. Let them know this tough time won’t last.

~ melissa michelle

How many do you see?

Great Falls National Park, VA


When I took this photo I knew there were a few great blue herons . . . . But do you see all of them? Let me know how many you see in the comments.

Enjoy the rest of your week!

~ melissa michelle

Great Falls National Park, VA USA

Great Falls, VA


Last weekend I visited Great Falls National Park in Virginia. It was raining on the way there; however, upon arriving the rain stopped and I was able to get the camera out for a little while. It was an awesome shoot with the great blue herons. I almost forgot I was there to photograph the waterfalls!

Here’s one of the photos I took. I hope to get to more later and post them soon. I still haven’t processed all the photos from Cabo yet . . . I’ll get there.

Today I spent time hiking with a friend of mine. But before the hike and the rain, I took some more photos. I make time for what’s important. Do you?

~ melissa michelle


Pelican big mouth

Pelican scratching an itch

Pelican – big yawn


These were taken in Cabo at a marina we visited for the shopping mall nearby. It was fun to capture this pelican putting on a little show for me and the camera. Of course even though we went there to shop I still took my camera.

People say I’m a good photographer and while there is some skill involved, you also have to take your camera with you. Being at the right place, at the right time, but also being prepared makes for great photo opportunities.

So whatever your hobby, be prepared, have your gear with you all the time, and practice!

~ melissa michelle

More photos from Cabo San Lucas and the Pacific

Humpback whale breaching

Water over the rocks


Here are a couple more photos that I took while on vacation. I don’t have a lot of time to write this evening. Why is it that the work day goes slow but my evenings go by so quickly?

The photo above is of the same whale breaching. It certainly was a fun creature to photograph.

The other photo is of the shoreline near the resort where we stayed. It was very rocky and when the water flowed over the rocks it made little waterfalls. And y’all know how I love to photograph waterfalls!

I’ll post more photos as I get them processed. I hoping to have more time this weekend.

I will leave you with one thought – do a random act of kindness this weekend. Believe me, it will make a difference in that person’s life!

~ melissa michelle

Whale tail!

Whale tail

Close up of humpback whale


I don’t know why but it’s exciting to photograph and see a whale’s tail. It’s fun to see them breach the water and then see their tail completely out of the water. It’s almost like they’re giving you a high five or saying bye.

It’s also cool to see them so close in the ocean. I don’t advocate pulling a boat up next to them; a good lens is what you need here. And I just happen to have one (thank you best boyfriend ever!). I captured the second photo here just as it was coming up out of the water. I’m not sure what all those bumps are but WOW, way cool!

Today my boss asked me if I would go back to Cabo. I thought about it for just a moment and replied “no.” It’s a big world out there with many more places to see! I challenge all of you to plan a trip this year to somewhere you’ve never been before. Whether it’s a place nearby or across the world – plan for it and then go!

~ melissa michelle

Photo excursion in Cabo San Lucas

Humpback whale


Hello! I’m sorry I’ve been away for a while – I just got back from vacation / photo excursion to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. It was a wonderful trip with my beau! I got to try snorkeling (more on that later), I was up early to photograph the sunrise in the Sea of Cortez, went on a sunset cruise around the famous arches (photos to come), and we saw sea lions and this humpback whale.

I love photographing wildlife and nature. I’m happy outside with my camera. I was so excited with my beau spotted this whale. Soon after the captain also saw it and he got us a little closer. My 400mm lens did the rest of the work. Well, I did some work too – it was very windy and bumpy in the water and that lens weighs about 4.5 pounds so holding myself steady against the rail and photographing this magnificent beast was a challenge. But oh the benefits!

I’ll share more photos and my adventures with you this week. But for now, this will have to do! I’m a busy girl! However, life is so good!

Find something you’re passionate about and go after it!

~ melissa michelle


Wildlife: Elk

Bull Elk & cow on top of hill

Bull Elk & cow on top of hill

Bull Elk in the wild flowers

Bull Elk in the wild flowers

Elk eating dinner

Elk eating dinner


This weekend I was out of town (again) – this time visiting Elk County in Benezette, PA (near St. Marys). It was an awesome time! We got there in time to hike a little bit before dusk and spotted a bull elk with his cows. The first and third photos were taken Saturday evening. It was not really my intention to get a silhouette but it turned out that way. Pretty neat. The middle photo was taken today – a handsome bull elk among the wild flowers.

I very much enjoy taking day / weekend trips to see wildlife and visit other places. We live in a beautiful country, folks. Get out there and enjoy it!

~ melissa michelle

Look up!

Bee nest

Bee nest


I spotted this nest today way up high on a tree limb while walking my dog. I had not seen it before today, even though we walk that way often. It’s amazing what’s hidden in nature right in front of us! I just loved how the autumn leaves were bright against the grayness of the nest. I’m not sure what kind of nest – some bee, but it sure was a treat to see it.

After our walk, I couldn’t wait to get the camera and head back to the tree. What a fun sighting in nature to photograph! Look up and keep an eye out – this time of year is so beautiful! I hope to post more findings soon. I’m traveling again this weekend . . . . . .

~ melissa michelle

When you least expect it . . . hard work pays off

Barred Owl

Barred Owl


So I was at work and one of the guys came in from the plant and asked if I had my camera with me. It’s very rare that I don’t. He said there’s a owl in the building. Of course I ran right out to photograph it. According to my research this is a barred owl. I think it’s beautiful – the eyes are incredible.

I wasn’t planning to photograph an owl but I was prepared. You never know when something may present itself, an opportunity to take advantage.

I’m sorry I haven’t posted for a while. I started school – an online course (you’re never too old to learn new things)! So my photography has taken a back seat. I recently renewed the website here to keep the domain going. I love photograph and enjoy sharing it and I will try to do so as much as possible. My favorite time of year is has started and I can’t wait to get out there shooting the fall colors!

Some people say I’m lucky / fortunate because I get some great shots. They don’t see how many hours I’ve practiced, that I lug my camera everywhere just in case, and the lessons I’ve learned missing many shots before I finally got it right. I’m not lucky. I’m prepared. I put myself in the right places. And I work hard. That’s what makes me good!

~ melissa michelle